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Neerajj Mittra is a multidisciplinary visual artist,educator,poet,columnist ,singer and film maker who believes in spontaneity and living life to the fullest. His love to create with the young and vibrant minds keep him motivated to create more and more.

Pankaj Guru has a panache to think beyond the materials. Hailing from the sculptor family he is at ease with all sorts of sculpting materials. A gifted artist and an alumnus of Art College Delhi, loves to spend time with children as it gives him energy to excel.


Robby Singh is a licensed instructor and a certified dancer. His expertise includes Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Bollywood dancing, Salsa and Zumba. He was among the top ten contestants in Chak Dhoom Dhoom and has worked in Delhi and Mumbai with professionals and celebrities like Akshay Kumar.

Sharmila Roy has been trained by Shiamak Dawar and is a licensed Zumba instructor. She had organized dance shows for various cultural events such as Durga puja, Diwali, Rabindranath Jayanti, Independence Day, Garba night and wedding choreography.


Third Space Collective – The theatre enthusiasts at OMH- is a group of artists who recognise the importance of creating and nurturing the Third space – the meeting ground of the first (performer) and the second (co-actor,stage and the audience). Their work ranges from creating performances to facilitating workshops to simply telling stories! They are also involved in curating theatre festivals, providing local support to theatre groups wanting to perform in Delhi, amongst other things. Though the work does focus on theatre, they actively include movement, music, the written word and visual aids in their endeavors. Third space Collective aims to put different art forms, different ideas and different people together. The results might surprise you (and maybe even them).

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