5 ways to encourage your child to read

5 ways to encourage your child to read

Books hold a world in themselves. They are a perfect way to expose your child to a variety of concepts and experiences—from fairytales, encyclopedias, autobiographies, travel books, crafts—there is an entire universe lying in them, waiting to be explored! And there is no age to introduce children to books.  From the time a baby can

Understanding Montessori Education

Your little one is grasping things from her environment several times faster than you, exploring her surroundings at a rate that you possibly can’t match. Her imagination is truly amazing.  Researched facts show that maximum brain development happens in the first 5 years of our lives. Now, imagine the possibilities of a child’s growth and

The child and freedom…

“You have given your child too much freedom. It’s not good…It’ll go to his/her head.” Do you agree or disagree with the above statement? The child can be any age/stage of life. At times, one hears this about a thirty-year-old ‘child’ of ours. Often in the society, I have seen people try to drive the life

Time in a Child’s life

Human beings invented time to help regulate the tasks in a day. But now, the time is our master and we run because of it. We know that the child cannot tell time. Do we know that Time, as it is significant for us, has no meaning for a child? Try telling a child, ‘we

Quality Time

The urban reality of life is the one of a rush. With both parents educated and working, it takes its toll on the children. It does not help that the parents feel guilty for not spending time with the children. instead of allowing the guilt to spoil the child, let us see how we can