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The child needs no help, no intervention, only an occasional guidance. ‘Help me to help myself’, the child pleads. Thus every useless help is an obstacle to his development.

Dr. Maria Montessori


IMC has recently opened its Northern India Chapter in Gurgaon and launched its “Montessori Teachers’ Training Course” under IMTC.

We are extremely happy to announce that Indian Montessori Training  Courses (IMTC) under the aegis of Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) HQ in Bangalore and in association with Our Montessori House– a Montessori House of Children is launching its Teachers’ training course for the first time in Northern India in Gurgaon from April 2016.

Dr. Maria Montessori came to India in 1939 and stayed on for a considerable period of time. It was during her stay here that she founded the Indian Montessori Training Course. After the Montessoris returned to Europe, Mr. A.M. Joosten, personal representative of Dr Montessori, conducted the Indian Montessori Training Courses in the different cities of the country for several years. This led to the formation of IMC with its headquarters in Bangalore which formalized the organization and current courses are run under the aegis of IMC. IMC awards the course certificates. The IMTCs are a part of the on-going work of Indian Montessori Centre to propagate the Montessori Method.

To propagate the Montessori philosophy across the entire country IMC expanded its horizon and established its Northern India Chapter in Gurgaon as also to commence the IMTC teachers’ training courses. This was done in association with Nandini & Biswajit Ghosh, who are passionate about the Montessori philosophy and have been running a Montessori house of children by the name of “Our Montessori House’ for over a decade in Gurgaon. The enthusiasm and passion of these two movers made sure that IMTC can come to Gurgaon

When you read this, obviously a question will arise in your mind – What is Montessori? What is so great about IMTC that we should get excited about their coming to  North India? Let us take a look at that….

It is based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s OBSERVATION of the child for over 22 years and the natural development that holds good even today. Whatever progress the human being has made, we still cannot influence the development of the child, which has remained the same since time immemorial.

Dr Montessori systematically worked with all age groups of a developing child- from birth to University level. The first age group she worked with was 3-6 years, and perhaps that is why it is still the most practiced method world-wide, as well as in India. This is a method based on the natural way of learning,(especially for a 3-6 year age group), that is, through activity(not to be confused with play way, which is entirely different). Being in this environment, the child learns the 3R’s(Reading, writing and arithmetic) and at the same time develops an innate love of learning, scientific thought process, intelligence, social skills and grace in movements. His natural curiosity is not only retained but nurtured so that he can explore and make his own discoveries.

IMTC Montessori Teacher Training courses spans over 600 hours of work in a 10 month period. This is one of the most comprehensive & rigorous Montessori training courses in the world – in India it is also the most authentic. In the course, child psychology, the principles of the Montessori Method, , the theory behind the materials and why it needs to be presented in a certain way is covered. The course also calls for observation of children at work to get an idea of the true nature of the child as well as hands- on practice with the materials. The students make scientific materials for the children so that they are independent with regard to preparing materials when they start working with the children.

Today there is a dearth of qualified pre-primary teachers who are equipped to deal with the most crucial years of a child between 2-6 years of age. A successful candidate acquires a thorough and in-depth knowledge on the early stages of child development contributing towards the growth of the child as an individual. Since the core of a child is built in his or her early stages of development – it empowers you with insightful, intriguing and interesting information about the hidden world of the child!! It also equips you to start your own school and thus further the propagation of child development and make this a passion for life.

The trainers of this course are extremely seasoned Montessorian who have been passionately involved in training over many decades. The course director in Gurgaon would be Ms Uma Shanker, Director General of IMC and Ms. Sujata Kumar, another very passionate trainer. Their commitment can be measured from the fact that they would be travelling from Chennai / Bangalore and staying in Gurgaon for the course duration.

We request you to please share this information with anybody who is passionate about children and their development- whether they intend to be teachers or better parents.

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The Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) is a registered society with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. The Indian Montessori Centre was formed to support the Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC) and propagate the Montessori philosophy and Method of Education.

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