5 ways to encourage your child to read

5 ways to encourage your child to read

Books hold a world in themselves. They are a perfect way to expose your child to a variety of concepts and experiences—from fairytales, encyclopedias, autobiographies, travel books, crafts—there is an entire universe lying in them, waiting to be explored! And there is no age to introduce children to books.  From the time a baby can sit up, introducing reading habits by narrating stories to them could be a good practice. Singing, talking and reading – all these can get the baby to respond positively and initiate reading habits early. Here are some more ideas to inculcate reading habit in them.

 How to develop reading habits in your child?

  • Be a role model: Baby see, baby do. Parents are a child’s first role model. If you read often in their presence, chances of them taking up a book to read are also higher. Ensure you have books kept on your bedside table and that reading is a genuine part of your daily routine too.
  • Make reading fun: When at home make reading activities casual and not another task on the to-do list else the child might just start resenting it. Sit down comfortably any time of the day when your child is not distracted and take up a book and read aloud.
  • Make up stories: Most children love to be told stories about their even “littler” years, of what they did, how they behaved and how much fun they had while doing it. So, handover books to even infants to simply look through. Then keep the early childhood books at hand to motivate the child to pick one up to read once she is old enough.
  • Start early: There is really no age to introduce your child to books. Infants can be given hard cover picture books to look through, water-proof books to play with when in bath, magazines to browse through. As they grow older, read stories to them from books with big pictures and less text. Gradually, move them to early readers books.
  • Turn books into your child’s friends: Carry books around with you when travelling, going to a restaurant, or when you need to keep your child engaged. When the child is alone, bored, or doesn’t have any friends to play with, is the right time to gently nudge him towards books. Once he discovers the joy of reading as an activity, he will get hooked for lifetime. When going for birthday parties, encourage the child to gift books.

Remember…parents who put stories and books in the hands of their child to enjoy, give the child a friend for life……,”The one who reads is never alone……..”


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